• Welcome to Safwana - Group of Art


With the legacy of 7 years and still counting, Safwana Arts have grown enormously not only in the field of music but with every creative context. Founded on 27th August 2012 achieving great growth in multi-disciplinary Safwana is believed to be a hub of arts because of its continuous successful attempts to establish arts society so that artwork could be nurtured well in the glorious city of Gwalior. Safwana is a huge tree with roots like Safwana music school, Safwana Enterprises, Safwana Recording studio, Safwana Live and much more. These roots have emerged so well that the results would explain. With the knowledge we distribute made us the registered exam centre for Trinity College London which gives us some more delicious co many more) which enriches our shop. We have quality products of variants ranges satisfying our consumer’s demands. We have been into Live Events from many years and believe to portray the best imaginations of various artists to everyone which will automatically pass on the art and culture to great extents and that is only our definite aim. One of our big bashes was the SAFWANA ART AWARDS’2013(Title Sponsors – GIONEE) this was a great event ever happened in our city with 2000+ artist involved over the state. We have also organized many charity shows giving something to needy ones so that we can show our love through music. We believe the content is the king and it would be promoted well looking to this we have been sponsors for many events like IIT-BHU MUSIC FEST’2019, MITS COLLEGE GWALIOR’2019, IIITM GWALIOR. We believe in success and have that faith in everyone so that this society could be grown well in future and thus promoting each and every artist and preventing them from unwanted exploitation.