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About Us

Whether its Rock n Roll, Metal, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Country, Motown, Alternative, EDM or any other Genre that you like play Safawana Enterprises has everything for everyone. Safawana Enterprises have a huge range of Musical Equipment and Gear. From Studio & Production Music Gear to Live Sound System Installation, From Rhythm instrument to Tone Instrument, From Western Classical instrument to Indian classical instrument Safawana Provide to High-Quality product for a dynamic range of price.



We provides different music instruments at rent for diferent time interval.


You can buy all new products with big discounts and great quality.


Find reused and refurnished produts with assured quality checked by our team.

Backline Available for Rent


     K0800 Pack 5 PC


     Tama Hyperdrive 6 Piece Drum

Guitar Amp

     Head JCM 900
     ‎Cabibet 1960A
     ‎Guitar Stand 3
     ‎Gibson Studio Classic
     ‎Acoustic Guitar Takemine
     ‎Acoustic Walden
     EST ‎LTD Bass 5 String
     ‎MusicMan Bass 5 String
     ‎Processor HD Pod 500
     ‎Processor GT100 Boss

Bass Amp

     HA 5500
     Cabibet Hyperdrive HD410
     Keyboard Amp
     Roland KC550
     ‎Korg Crome 61
     ‎Korg LP 380
     ‎Double Keyboard Stand Spider